"The Cream Puff"

"The Cream Puff"
"The Cream Puff" was shown by request @ Liberty Art Gallery, Long Beach Ca. April '12

Thursday, February 13, 2014

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

Coffee and a Book Chick
Coffee and a Book Chick 
    Any of you that are Douglas Adams fans will recognize the title.

    For those who aren't......                       ..........you should be.

    "So Long And Thanks For All The Fish" is the title of the 4th book in the "Hitchhikers" trilogy.
   I know. Go figure. There are actually 5 books in the trilogy.

   That's kind of who Douglas Adams was.

   "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" is a definite must read. (don't cheat and watch the movie, cause they crammed 5 books into 2 hours and didn't do any of it justice).
    All 5 books guarantee a grand adventure............. and might even make you look at life from a different perspective.
    I think I might stop by the library and pick these up to read again.
    They say laughter is the best medicine, and I could surely use a good dose of that.

   The title reference is actually for my boy. This post is very personal, but we'll get to that in a minute.


                       First off, some fun stuff.
"Winter Forest" by Dini Bruinsma

   I won the 11th round of the Non-Blogger /Blogger challenge in the Bead Soup Cafe forum, with my "Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland" nuno felted messenger style laptop bag. The inspiration photo was actually an original painting by our hostess Dini Bruinsma, titled "Winter Forest". You can see and read all about my winning entry to the Winter Forest challenge here.
    That means I'll actually be hostessing the next round. It's my job to pick the inspiration photo, and come up with a really cool prize to entice people to play along, and rally the troops, encouraging all to the finish line. .
    Normally, the next challenge would start right away, but with Bead Soup Blog Party just getting underway, we are staying out of Lori Anderson's way, so she can take care of business.
    The 12th round of the B/NB challenge will resume the 1st week of March. Shortly after BSBP partners have been announced. Stay Tuned.....

  I received my prize from Dini in the mail. Beautifully wrapped with some rich plum colored Sari silk ribbon. I was smitten. I just enjoyed the package for a while. Then decided to photograph it before I finally opened it.

    Ceramic art pendants by Brigitta Lejonklou of Angel Whisperer. The Ammonite and Tree of life pendants that Dini picked out for me. As well as a cool sea dragon pendant that Brigitta threw in as a bonus. I'll be having some fantasy fun with that sea dragon later.
    I've long coveted Brigitta's work, but there just hasn't been any room in my budget.  Thank you very much Dini and Brigitta. You guys totally made my day.

    "So Long And Thanks For All The Fish" was the message left to Planet Earth, by the Dolphin's, when they departed the planet just before it was demolished to make room for an intergalactic expressway.

    The mention of my boy, sadly, was in reference to his departing from this sweet life.
     This is my sweet Punkin pie. 
Snuggling with little brother, Freckles.  

    These are my children. I cut their umbilical cords when they were born. I couldn't possibly have come any closer to birthing them myself.  

    Almost 17 years these 2 have been my constant companions. 

Just look at that sweet face. 
 Who couldn't love that face. 

    Punkin was a shy quiet boy for most of his life. Recently he'd taken to screaming a lot. He'd lost his hearing. He couldn't hear himself anymore, so he would just get louder to make sure I heard him.
    I recently discovered that they are a Siamese/Angora mix. Angora cats are notorious for being deaf. 
   They get their beautiful markings from their Siamese blood, and their brilliant bright white fur comes from the Angora side. 
He was a little camera shy. That's why all the pictures are of him sleeping.
Punkin was my good luck charm. 
    He was born shortly after surviving a rough time in my life. 
    He would sit in a certain way sometimes, that his marking would form into a perfect Yin/Yang symbol. 
    He would always assure me with that sign, when it was most needed, that all was right with the world.                                                                                                                                                                 
Waiting for a Buddha Belly Rub
He was always ready to snuggle, with the loudest purr. Always giving so much love in return.
    He was my lap kitty. Always down to watch a movie.
    On cold nights he would crawl completely under the blankets and lay on his back waiting for his belly to be rubbed, and we would fall asleep like that.
    He was hit by a car once.....chasing a butterfly. He was fortunate. He went right between the tires. It tumbled him and spit him out the back end. He was left a little bruised and weary, and certainly more careful about chasing butterflies into the street.                                                                        
    We had another scare when he came home once with fang marks puncturing his neck. Still don't know what bit him, but he got lucky again.

    He might have used up one of his 9 lives with his drug use as well. He was a serious catnip addict.

    I guess he used up one too many of his lives on those grand adventures, cause this time he didn't pull through. Kidney failure, I believe it was. In his final ours he would not eat or drink anything, and at the very end he could no longer walk.    I wrapped him up and held him. We slept like this for awhile.
   Then in the wee hours of the morning, he called out to me. I woke to find him gasping for air. His heart had begun to fail. I held him closely in my arms as he took his last breath.

             My heart is broken.

  Ideally I would have liked to bury him in the garden, where he was happiest.
    Unfortunately, that's hard to do in an apartment. I had no choice, but to call the SPCA to have him cremated.


                                                          I dished up some comfort food. 

      Put my favorite blues song on repeat.
A few rounds of  "Hurry On Now" by Alice Russell usually does the trick. 

........and curled up with my snuggly bunny, Freckles to console each other. 
Nothing seems to be working. 
Life goes on. We're going through the motions.......but something is missing. There's a big hole left in the middle of our life. 

So I turned to channeling that energy into creating something positive. 
I dreamed a peaceful resting place for my sweet boy.
  On a warm spring day, as dappled sunlight filters through the trees, with a soft bed of fresh green grass to lie on. As the birds sing softly from the treetops, and the leaves tumble gently on a soft cool breeze. Watching the butterflies flit from flower to flower, tending to spring. May your soul rest gently in this peaceful place my sweet angel. You will be dearly missed. 

    I used the Tree of Life bracelet bar from Angel Whisperer as my focal. I wire wrapped a miniature Tree Of Life accent charm with 2mm Peridot beads. A vintage leather button ( for scratching - to keep him off my shoes). A ceramic bird by BlueBerriBeads, to sing to him. Ceramic art beads by Grubbi, and Natalie Pappas. Adventurine donut, Greek Mykonos wheel, Italian glass, and lacy copper lantern beads make up the body of the bracelet. Czech glass leaves blowing on a breeze, accent all around. Complete with a couple of antique Chinese bells, to remind me when I hear them that my sweet angel has his wings. I made a Yin/Yang clasp to secure it, which dangles with spring blossoms, pearls, and a butterfly that flits about, and all the unconditional love that he so freely gave in this life, return tenfold.
     May your sweet spirit be at peace here my love.

     When I woke this morning, I though t I heard him cry out. I jumped out of bed to run to him....."where are you Punky?" .....and it punched me in the gut all over again.
                                      The silence is deafening.

    Hold your babies close. Tell them they are loved. Spend as much quality time with them as you possibly can, cause, you just never know........
Rest in Peace my Love


  1. *hugs* from the mountains from me, Bug, Charly, Bonbon, Ollie and Mittens. We are sorry for your loss.

  2. So sorry for the loss of your sweet baby. Nice tribute to his memory.

  3. so sorry you've lost your boy! what a wonderful post to honor him

  4. Aww, I'm so sorry for your loss. Our pets give us such unconditional love and they are such a part of our families. You've made a beautiful tribute to him that will always remind you of him when you wear it.

  5. I just read this... and cried like a baby for you. I am so so sorry for your loss of Punkin :(