"The Cream Puff"

"The Cream Puff"
"The Cream Puff" was shown by request @ Liberty Art Gallery, Long Beach Ca. April '12

Friday, February 7, 2014

Help! I'm Drowning!

         Do I want to clean my studio?
                                 No! Absolutely not!
    I hate cleaning.
                    I would much rather be creating.                     Any time.         Any where.

 Do I need to clean my studio?

               Hell yes!
                          It's going to bury me alive.
my tool bench

   Perhaps I exaggerate slightly, but I have been seriously          "Procraftinating" 
                           for waaaay tooooo loooong.

    I don't mean to. I try to clean.......but when I start digging through those piles of supplies, to try to sort, and organize.........

  Once I start moving the piles..

        I stir up the Pyxee Dust....

              Things spring to life..........

                     and next thing you know.....

                           The Fairies are flying again....

                   and my Muse dances through the night.
pile of pretties 

    By morning I have a whole pile of pretties.....
                               and an even bigger pile of mess.    

         It's kinda hopeless
    I'm kinda hopeless.

    I have so much going on creatively....
                                All The Time.
    I just can't slow it down or turn it off. I am literally , right now, as I write this,  working on 4 separate blog posts, Signing up for 2 new blog hops, designing a piece for one of those, while procraftinating the other challenge, making a necklace for one of the blog posts, sawing copper sheet for a form folding challenge with my new rotary tool, boring larger holes in beads for the necklace, taking pictures, editing photos, editing shop listings, adding patina to another project, and making breakfast.

  I'm a whirlwind of creation.....
      Spreading my magic wherever I go.....
and leaving a serious trail of Pyxee Dust in my wake.
taking over the kitchen 
    I live alone. So no one is complaining about the mess. That unfortunately has let me get away with it for a really long time.
    So I signed up forSharyl's 
Jewelry and Reflections   
   "Clean Up, 
           Fix Up Challenge"
    I am very publicly renouncing my disgusting mess....in hopes that it will actually kick my ass in to gear, and get me cleaning.
   There is a deadline.
              There is accountability.
   People will be waiting to see that I am a woman of my word.
         I am committed.
  Be back here on March 1st for the hop and see that I actually did it.
  Then check out everybody else's spiffied up work space.
                        The results should be fun.
       So, does anyone know where to get armor that stands up to PyxeeDust.......?


  1. OOps I put my comment on the wrong darn post...go figure ...it's my one brain cell misfiring....yikes

  2. thanks to you I found out about & sign up for this hop too! we can do it!

  3. Trust me, I completely understand where you're coming from! Thankfully I'm slowly (very, very slowly) working on getting myself organized but I'm FAR from where I'd like to be!

    Maybe your chaos helps motivate your creating? Some people thrive in chaos. You never know ^.^

    Either way I wish you good luck on your clean up and organize challenge!!

  4. I seriously need to do this too. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. I'm signed up too. Now, where to get started.....

  6. This is delightful! Thanks for sharing your photos and spreading the word about the blog hop! --Sharyl

  7. I loved reading this and seeing your space. Yes -- reorganizing does stir up the pixie dust. But that's a good thing! :D

  8. Totally understand fighting inspiration to stick to a plan..it's so hard but we WILL do it..at least this once. Can't wait to see your pix.

  9. i love your post and description of the creative process! i signed up for this blog hop but don't think I'll be done on time!