"The Cream Puff"

"The Cream Puff"
"The Cream Puff" was shown by request @ Liberty Art Gallery, Long Beach Ca. April '12

Monday, April 13, 2015

Ride Like The Wind

    I finally got the bead stash and handmade focal I created for my Bead Peeps Swap & Hop partner Lori Alainn Blanchard out in the mail. 
    The stash she sent for me had been patiently waiting to be opened while I finished hers. I wanted to be fair since I was making her wait. I also didn't want what she sent me to influence me in any way. 
   I was just barely able to take a few quick pics before leaving town on vacation. 
    I had intended to take the beads with me while I was gone for some busy work if I had any down time. After seeing what she sent and formulating a plan I decided that there where things I needed to do with it that couldn't happen while traveling, so it got left behind. 
    I am enjoying my vacation, but creating is never far from my mind. 

    Here is the fabulous stash Lori sent me that I am dreaming of at night. I'll be home this weekend and anxious to start on my designs first thing monday morning. 

    It includes a large Coral focal, a pair of bone wheels, Unakite rounds, a strand of Mookaite, Marble and Jasper oval beads, yellow crystals, peach satin beading cord, cinnabar patina, some fun textured yarns, a neat rock, and a very cool handmade artisan ceramic toggle clasp. I can't remember off hand who made the artisan clasp, but I will definitely credit them in my reveal post.

    And here is the stash I sent to Lori.

1.  Sari silk
2.  Periwinkle eyelash yarn
3.  Metallic purple Quartz crystal points
4.  Heliotrope Quartz crystal points
5.  Color shift lampwork glass rectangles with murrini (artist unknown)
6.  Purple Zebra Jasper rondelles
7.  Pink/purple/peach Agate coins
8.  Opaque purple cultured sea glass barrel beads from ZnetShows.com (S79-B167S)
9.  Charcoal gray fresh water pearls with peacock luster
10. Light Sapphire cultured sea glass square spacers from ZnetShows.com (S61-B31)
11. Opaque sky blue Tiara glass crystal rondelles from ZnerShows.com (RT101-47)
12. Opaque periwinkle color shift Tiara glass crystal rondelles from ZnerShows.com (RT101-85)
13. Transparent periwinkle color shift Tiara glass crystal rondelles from ZnerShows.com (RT136-39)
14. Transparent lemon yellow Tiara glass crystal rondelles from ZnerShows.com (RS152-84)
15. texture copper rectangle beads
16. Hammered copper washers
17. lampwork glass satellites (artist unknown)
18. Upcycled tin Iris petals
19. Handmade copper hook closures
20. "Raven" hand stamped copper bracelet bar with Labradorite, Amethyst & copper wing dangles
21. "Ride like the wind" hand stamped etched copper motorcycle focal

    This was my first crack at etching. I've had the Ferric Chloride for a year and it's taken me that long to get over my fear of working with the chemicals. I really wanted to make something personal for Lori though. So this was my chance to suck it up and be brave.
    This was also the first time in my life I've ever drawn a motorcycle as well. The whole project was a bit of a stretch for me, but it didn't turn out half bad.
    I was very pleased to hear that Lori loves her stash and is having a great time creating with it. I can't wait to see what she comes up with. Not quite three weeks left to go before the big reveal date.
    Until then, I hope the beading gods are treating you well.

               Peace, Love, & PyxeeDust!

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  1. I absolutely adore what you sent. Those gemstone points are AMAZING. :)