"The Cream Puff"

"The Cream Puff"
"The Cream Puff" was shown by request @ Liberty Art Gallery, Long Beach Ca. April '12

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Time, is not on your side.....

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Father Time
    Welcome to another SRAJD challenge. 
    This weeks theme is Chronos - Greek Mythology.

"Time, time, time,
See what's become of me,
While I looked around
For my possibilities,

I was so hard to please....."
    "Hazy Shade of Winter"  
                           - the Bangles 

    A bit of an understatement regarding Chronos.

   The Titan God of time and the ages in Greek mythology. 
Chronos devouring his children
Son of Uranus (sky), and Gaia (earth).
    He overthrew his own father from power by castrating him. 
    He was so worried about the same thing happening to himself that he devoured each of his own children as they were born. 
    If you didn't want kids you should have used protection. 
sentenced to hold up the sky

    As you've probably figured out by now, I'm not a big fan of "Father Time". 
    Fortunately Rhea, his sister and wife (Eww!), wised up and fed Chronos, a rock wrapped in swaddling cloth in place of her youngest child. 
    Then ran away to the island of Crete where she delivered Zeus and hid him from his father until he was grown. 
Zeus defeating Chronos

    Eventually Zeus did fulfill his father worst fear and overthrew him from power.
    Zeus led the Olympians in a ten year battle that eventually defeated the Titans, and banish them into Tartaros (a pit even deeper than that of Haides). 
     Not to mention saving all his brothers and sisters, by making Chronos regurgitate them.

    A mixed blessing? ............Perhaps.   
    It is said that the period of Chronos' rule, was a "Golden Age on Earth", and that Zeus brought war to this world...... 
    Ironic, that even though the God of Time was defeated, he still rules over every moment of our present day lives. 

    Time is not my friend. Never has been. 
    For me it doesn't tick off seconds on a clock. 
    In my life, time is fluid like water. It flows like a river. Sometimes moving rapidly. Sometimes pooling for a rest in the shade. 

    My piece is a tribute to the defeat of Chronos. A bow to my hero, Zeus.

    "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"
   The center of my necklace features a postage stamp from the island nation of Cypress, encased in glass. 
   Cypress is a neighboring Greek isle to Crete, the birth place of Zeus. 
    It is adorned with Cypress' coat of arms featuring the laurel wreath, which represents the twelve Gods of Mount Olympus.

   Below the framed postage stamp is an upcycled watch face, representing Chronos. The hands of time that no longer turn. 

    On the bottom of the pendant hangs a vintage silver plated and enameled horse representing the Anemoi. The Gods of the four winds, who in the guise of horses drew the chariot of Zeus. 
    The Anemoi sired the Hippoi Athanatioi, the majestic immortal horses of the Gods, and eventually gifted the horse to mankind.

    It hangs from a chain of  Lapis Lazuli diamonds, alternating with upcycled pottery shards. 
    I used pale blue moonstone rondelle gemstones as spacers, and for lots of little dangles, to add sparkle and movement. 

    Culminating with two Greek Key links. 

    The Greek key, is also know as the Greek fret or the meander. 
    The meander took it's name from the river Meander, mentioned in Homer's "The Iliad" which had many twists and turns.
    It was the most important symbol in ancient Greece. Symbolizing infinity, or the eternal flow of things. 

    I used sari silk, wrapped with a deep blue textured yarn accent, across the back of the neck to wear comfortably. 

      It closes with a Greek key hook clasp with a moonstone cluster dangle. 

    On the back side
of the postage stamp the title of the piece is pasted, ransom style. 

    All in shades of blue and white. 
         The national colors of Greece. 

theme music....

         "Everybody Wants Rule The World"
                                          - Tears for Fears

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Now head on over to the SRAJD blog to see what marvelous creations the other participants have dreamed up this week.
                     Here's hoping you Rule the day!  ;)

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