"The Cream Puff"

"The Cream Puff"
"The Cream Puff" was shown by request @ Liberty Art Gallery, Long Beach Ca. April '12

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Drum Roll, Please............

     And the winner is.......
  Well, this is awkward............ahem,..
                              ........... the winner is,.....uh,... me.

     Well, this was an unexpected turn of events.(Blushing)
    I knew my necklace was cool. At least, I thought it was really cool.
    I really wanted to show it off, and hoped you would all think it was cool too, but I never thought you would vote for me.
    I'm feeling a bit guilty. I've already admitted to having a preconceived idea before deciding on a challenge photo.
    I definitely got a head start.

    Just look at all the amazing submissions. I'm blown away by all the incredible talent in this group.

    Beautiful Goldstone Horse Totem Free Spirits beadwoven necklace, handmade by Krafty Max. An ode to strength and freedom. Learn more about this precious gift lovingly made for, and much cherished  by, her daughter.

    Shirley Jones Moore beautifully conveys the feelings of strength and romance she feels when looking at the wild horses.
    A strong herringbone  pattern of beadwork gives way to a lovely soft ruffled edge.
    I see a little Patsy Cline or June Carter here..... The softer side of country.

   "The horse" brilliantly executed by Asri N. Wahyuningsih. Hand carved in polymer clay and framed in exquisite soutache work. Even the accent beads are spotted like the painted ponies, perfectly conveying the beauty of the wild Mustangs.

    Blanca of Medina Medibeads was "Thinking on a Ribbon to Horse Lovers", with her carved polymer clay beauty. Exquisite beadwork on soft supple cream leather reminiscent of a horses reigns, surrounds the meticulously hand carved focal.
    Fit for any Rhinestone cowgirl.

     Paula Winchester Hisel's beaded wrap bracelet, inspired by her childhood, growing up in Kansas. She shares her back story on her blog Simply Beadiful.
    Makes me think of sunflowers and tall prairie grass blowing in the wind.

    This was my personal favorite because I'm a total textile junkie. I love the way Robin Kae Reed layered so many unique textures here. It seems to tell a story of  "breaking the chains that bind you". A grand adventure of these majestic horses' journey to freedom.

    Another masterpiece in polymer clay. This one sculpted in 3-dimensional clay by Esterina K. Jagiella. In a colorway that makes it look like painted leather. With it's mix of Guido glass, ceramic beads and gemstones, an ethereal magic is created, as her horse seems to ride off into the sunset.

    Robin Showstack's submission is a "simple necklace for simple times". A horse cabochon strung on vintage bugle beads with pewter spacers and accented with "concho" style turquoise coins.
    A lovely green pasture ready for grazing.

    Rita of Toltec Jewels design shouts "SET THEM FREE!" Her necklace, representing their backs unsaddled and free, joined forces with the metaphysical elements of Quartz crystal to radiate that message outward. Head on over to Jewel School Friends where she has graciously offered to donate to the cause for comments left on her blog post.

    I must say that Rita beautifully expressed why I wanted to bring this issue of the wild Mustangs up and highlight it with this challenge in the first place. To turn an ugly and awful situation into something beautiful and positive before sending that energy out into the world.
                 There is Hope.
                                  Set Them Free!

"Yarmony Mountain" by Jackie Locantore is filled with memories of "riding the range" in Eagle County, Colorado. Orange sunsets, sagebrush, gold of sand  and soil, and a whisper of an illusive herd of white mustangs, casts a magic spell.


    So you can see why I thought I had plenty of competition.
    All these amazing super talented artists I was up against, and they all managed to conceive and complete their fantastic creations in the time frame of the challenge.
    Feeling like I had an unfair advantage,...
        In the spirit of good sportsmanship,...
            And fair play,...
                    I'd like to recuse myself from the vote.
    Being that this is a round robin, I'd like to pass the challenge off to the next in line.

    I proclaim the winner of this challenge is Ms. Kafty Max!  Come on down and claim your prize.
Can't wait to see what she has planned for us as the hostess of the next challenge.

    Thank you for all who have participated in my challenge and help to spread the word.
                     Let Freedom Ring!

    We can change the world! 
The first step is believing in the world you'd like to live in. 
"Thoughts become things, choose the good ones." 


  1. Thank you so very much!! I am honored to be involved with this amazing group and to be able to create jewelry along side these other talented artist. THANK YOU so much! I hope that I can come up with a new challenge that will be fun and inspiring to us all! ~KM

  2. Way to go Kelly, I love that you were surprised and that you were humble!!! Congrats to you Krafty Max! I love your design!! I can't wait to see what kind of challenge you give us!!!

  3. Thanks Kelly...I love challenges ...and the more important thing is to help the Mustangs!!! Congratulations Krafty Max!!!

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