"The Cream Puff"

"The Cream Puff"
"The Cream Puff" was shown by request @ Liberty Art Gallery, Long Beach Ca. April '12

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My My How Time Does Fly............... Double the Fun...................... bogger/non-blogger challenge #9

   Welcome to the reveal of the blogger and non-blogger challenge round #9. A huge round of applause for our gracious hostess, Rita of  Toltec Jewels  is definitely in order. She really sweetened the pot this time and managed to entice with loads of goodies to give away, and making this a "Double the Fun" event with 2 inspiration photos. 

   When I first saw this  Frida Kahlo  photo titled "Time Flies", it really spoke to me. I could almost immediately see an image of what I wanted to make. A statement piece with a pocket watch as the pendant, a die cast toy prop plane wired into the side. Complete with all the textures in the picture, red silk rope, tassels, and white lace, included. 
  I immedietly started my blog post, complete with video of one of my favorite Enya songs called "My, My, Time Flies". I was all excited and ready to go. 
Well I looked, and looked, and looked for that toy plane, to no avail. They sure don't make toys like they used to. Even match box cars are made out of plastic these days. Cheap, breakable, disposable..... piling up in land fills. It's a shame really. What ever happened to Tonka trucks. "Tonka Means Tough". That was their slogan, and boy did they stand up to the claim.

     I finally gave up on the plane and moved on to plan B. 

   I participated in Tresori Trovati's  Challenge of Travel  last weekend. I did my post on my family vacation home in Lake Tahoe. I put a lot of work into that post, and I really waited until the last minute to start this. I wasn't sure that any of my ideas would work. I've only torch enameled beads and small pieces until now. So, I said a little prayer and dove in head first.
    I set out to try and replicate the "Teal Goddess" vase. I have a whole page of doodles trying to figure out HOW to shape it. I was first thinking it would have to be made in multiple pieces, and attached in the enameling process. 
    I started with small pieces of annealed copper sheet and hammered and folded and played. This is actually the second shape I came up with. The first was also very blossom like, but it wasn't quite right for this piece. It did however lean nicely toward another idea I have, so you will be seeing it eventually. 

As you can see, my experimenting was a success. Yippee!
    I started rolling the copper into a cone, so the seem runs right up the throat of the blossom. The seem sealed perfectly with the enamel. Unfortunately it's not quite water tight. There is a very small seam between the vase and the curly Q tail. A pinhole size, but it does drip  :(  It could, however, be used with fresh flowers and a damp cloth.
  I used many different colors of enamel. White, a fern green, Sea Foam and transparent Nile Green to encase it all. Then I rolled it in glass frit in array of colors; cobalt and aqua blues and emerald green. I got it really good and melty, so the colors started to bleed together and morphed into the perfect shade of teal. Little bits of sparkle peep from under the collar. On the back side the frit leaves a speckling pattern near the tail that makes it feel quite organic. 

    Thank you for everyone's comments on the photos, praising my talent and brilliance...
 Some days I am.

    In this case, I experimented and got lucky.

    Moral of the story is:

                 TRY NEW THINGS!

    Even if you don't think they will work.

    Even if you don't think you'll like them.

    Cause you just never know.........
                                        until you try.

          Some days you come up with.............


       I had plans to string the vessel for the challenge as well. There is a ring in the center to attach and string of charms. My intent was to hang it sideways with the magic spilling out, with a string of crystals dangling. 
    While working all weekend, I couldn't find the time to finish it. I couldn't possibly improve upon the vessel itself anyway. I have decided to quit while I'm ahead and submit the component as is.

    ~The Tale of the Teal Goddess and the Fairy Goblet ~

    The Teal Goddess is the secret protector of the Fairy Goblet.
    A Cornucopia of Magic flows, eternally from the goblet's mouth.
    This sacred elixir is the life force of all the little elfin people.
    It nourishes,              heals,            creates,          all things.
    A very powerful magic.
    It could also be very dangerous in the wrong hangs.
    That's why the "Teal Goddess",  the goddess of white magic and sacred wisdom, has been entrusted to keep these divine secrets.
    The safety of the little magic people from the Dark Wizard, and all the evil in the world, depends upon it.
    So please, don't tell anyone where, if you have seen us out and about.
    It's for the greater good of the fairy world...... and all the world.

    Sprinkling some sparkling white light in your direction.
                                   Use it well.

                      The End 

    I hope you have enjoyed our little jaunt through Fairyland. 

    Please head on over to the facebook photo album to see all the awesome submissions. It really is mind blowing to see how we each interpret the inspiration differently. Many, many talented artists in this bunch. The results are a must see. 

Please be sure to check back on October 27 for all sorts of yummy fall goodness. I'll be participating in Toltec Jewels' Octoberfest Blog hop as well. 


  1. Kelly not only do you make beautiful things, you write beautifully too and this post just makes that goblet come alive with magic!

    Good Luck with trying even more new things and lots more BRILLIANCE! :-)
    I have only just started using a torch for the first time about 2 weeks ago and I fully appreciate the moral of your story


    Even if you don't think they will work.
    Even if you don't think you'll like them.
    Cause you just never know.........
    until you try.
    Some days you come up with.............