"The Cream Puff"

"The Cream Puff"
"The Cream Puff" was shown by request @ Liberty Art Gallery, Long Beach Ca. April '12

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


   I just made my 1st pair of hoop earrings, and they turned out sooo cool !!!
   I hammered  8 gauge copper wire to shape the hoops. I do not yet have the proper bit for drilling holes through the copper, so I scored the ends and wire wrapped my hinge and closure loops on. This is only my second attempt at a hinge closure. I'm quite liking them. I then embellished them with reinforced sea urchins for a little bohemian beach chic. Easy Breezy!    


      I did really well with earrings and bracelets at my last show, so I'm trying to beef up my stock for the next show this Saturday.
                     I've been playing with different styles this week and just having fun with them.


        I'm experimenting with "trapeze" connections,
Flying Through the Air with the Greatest of Ease    

and fiber and wire wrapped,
Goddess on the Vine

                                                                                       and reinventing found objects.
Hoop Dreams 

I'll post about my new bracelet selection a little later. Thanks for reading. Have a glorious day!